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Deveraux’s Gourmet Coffee Boutique

Long Island Strawberry Tea

Long Island Strawberry Tea

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Long Island Strawberry tea embodies the flavors of the sweet summer berry twisted with the classic taste of Sencha sourced from the Hunan Province. The Long Island Strawberry has been a part of Long Island’s culture since people inhabited it. Sweet, summer strawberries and papaya pieces balanced with the fresh tasting Chinese green tea make this an ideal tea to soothe away winter blues or chilled for a refreshing summer drink.
Luxury Ingredients: Papaya pieces
Antioxidant Level: High 
Caffeine Content: Low
*Contains 20 count pyramid tea bags
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D.G.C.B. Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a case of gourmet flavored coffee cost?

$190! One case of coffee consists of 20 8 ounce bags of flavored coffee. Cases can contain different flavors in increments of 5. Example of a case can look like:

5 Creme Brulee

5 Holiday Cheer

5 Chocolate Snickerdoodle

5 MistleToe Joe

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How many different flavors of coffee does Deveraux's offer?

Deveraux's offers over 50 different yummy coffee flavors for our customers to choose from. Email us to request a list be sent to you at your earliest convenience!

Does Deveraux's offer private labeling?

Yes we do! Call us and ask to speak with one of our helpful "Coffee Connoisseurs today to discuss your needs.